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    Dedicated, adaptable, and ready to re-enter the workforce

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    Calling all stay-at-home parents! Ready to re-enter the workforce? The Worker's Workshop is here to support your journey. Let us assist you in refining essential skills, updating resumes, and navigating the job market. Contact us now for a personalized plan to smoothly transition from home to the workplace. Your talents are needed, and we're here to ensure your return is both seamless and successful. Take the first step today – reconnect with your professional self and redefine your career path with confidence.

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    Understanding New Tech

    8 weeks of training for $800.00


    Have you been on Facebook since it was by college invitation only? Are you using web conferencing but don't understand how it works? Our tech program is designed to (re-) introduce you to various implements such as Zoom, Canva, and learning management systems, assess your progress, and get you ready for the workplace as quickly as possible. Step into the professional digital space with confidence.

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    Digital Literacy for the Workplace

    8 weeks of training at $650.00


    Intimidated by the thought of an Excel spreadsheet or unintentionally compromising your online safety? Empower yourself with training tailored for stay-at-home parents re-entering the workforce. Conquer Google and Microsoft tools, cybersecurity, and more. Assess your skills, earn a certificate, and boost your resume. Embrace the future confidently with newfound expertise.

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